Magellan Triton 300 Works with Macintosh!

Using a Mac G5 running "Parallels" an emulation software package, with the Vista operating system loaded, I have been able to successfully transfer maps, routes, and waypoints from National Geographic TOPO! to my Magellan Triton 300! While this is not the ideal solution for Magellan users that run TOPO! on mac, this is promising.

I'd expect Boot Camp (Mac OS X 10.5 / Leopard) or the new VMWare product will work as well.

I will post some video of the transaction shortly.


Cory said...

But does this do you any good if you have a Mac version of TOPO?

Can you load TOPO! maps onto the Triton if the Triton is connected in Windows, and TOPO is running on the Mac OS?

Woodford said...

Cory Thanks for the Post -

You should be aok! TOPO! 4.4.1 , which operates the Triton, runs under both the Mac OSX and Windows environments - so technically you have both applications (Windows and Mac). If you run parallels, or boot camp, you can install TOPO! again under the windows OS and continue to use the same data discs.


dhclark76 said...

Came across this blog after purchasing a Triton 300. How did you get this to work with parallels? I've been trying to run Vantage Point software, but it won't open because of something about a DirectX control not working. I'm pretty sure that the DirectX control isn't working because Parallels only allots 8mb to the video card in virtual mode.

Is there a way to change that?

oldMac said...

first let me say that I'm new to all this and already confused by TOPO! but do I understand from this that as someone running 10.3.9 on an old enough platform that no way am I going to get to Leopard am I SOL with regard to loading maps from TOPO! to a GPS? thanks!

Synthetrix said...

You say you did this on a G5 running Paralells? I thought Paralells only runs on Intel-based Macs.

The Shaggy Skipper said...

Parallels is NOT an emulator, it is a virtual machine.