Looking for a Triton? Check these retailers ...

From our exclusive sources in the field - a partial list of retailers that should have Triton's in stock or at least on their way to stores. This of course is not a guarantee that your particular location will have the unit still in stock, so call ahead, but the source is highly reliable. If this information helps you locate a GPS or if you find another retailer, please post a comment to help others! Happy Holidays!

EMS - New Hampshire based retailer, with stores thoughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic - should have Triton 200 and 300 series models.

REI - Washington based retailer with stores nationwide, should have Triton 300s.

Sportsman's Warehouse - Utah based retailer with stores nationwide, should have Triton 300s.

Joes Sports - Oregon based retailer with stores in the Pacific Northwest, should have Triton 300s.

Sport Chalet - Southern California based retailer with stores throughout the region, should have Triton 300s.

Academy Sports - Texas based retailer, should have Triton 300s.

Once again this list is certainly not complete but should help those seeking Tritons for the holidays. If you find additional sources, feel free to post!



Pk said...

Cabela's locations will start carrying the 200 as soon as tomorrow and perhaps other models. They're advertising the 200 in some circulars on sale starting tomorrow. -Pk

Woodford said...

Thanks for the update PK!

Rick said...

If you are going to want to use your Triton with Topo or with any software, suggest you get the 300 and not the 200. Only difference is the 300 comes with their USB cable.

Pk said...

I STAND CORRECTED! Cabela's is carrying the ~300~ for $149.99 at various stores. I understand they will have the 1500 at some of the stores too. -Pk